Lack of unity in india

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Why was Britain able to establish an Empire in India?

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Back then, there was no such country as India; it was known as Barath and it consisted of separate kingdoms at war with each other. But in India we still have grinding poverty, widespread illiteracy, a general absence of sanitation and medical relief -- a lack, indeed, of all the good things of life.

There are undoubtedly some good works which have followed British rule, notably in the field of irrigation. UNITED NATIONS: India has lamented the lack of resolve and unity among nations to tackle terrorism, particularly emanating from non-state actors, often due to narrow political considerations, as the UN General Assembly adopted by consensus a review of the global body's counter-terrorism strategy.

They failed to see beyond their own lack of self esteem. With the poverty India inherited, the exponential growth in population and with Pakistan and China as neighbors; despite having no real reliable friendly nations outside - I would say India has done marvelously.

Why was Britain able to establish an Empire in India?

Is India really 'unity in diversity'? A big Yes. This is my own story. The lack of national unity meant that the British were able to adopt a classic divine and rule policy. This all greatly facilitated the British piece-meal take-over of the lands of India until they had assumed a pre-eminence in the sub-continent.

Mar 06,  · India Lack of unity in protest for special status to Andhra Pradesh worries Congress, Left leaders Despite a plan to hold a joint protest in the national capital by the Congress and the Left parties, as announced two days ago, their venues were separated by PTI.

Lack of unity in india
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